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5 BIG problems with Network Marketing | Multi-Level Marketing | MLM

MLM is not for everyone. 

Today I discuss the 5 BIG problems with Network Marketing and why people need to be careful if they are going to choose this source of income. #MLM #MultilevelMarketing #NetworkMarketing

Multi-Level Marketing has ups but a lot of downs, and 5 Big problems that need to be discussed while keeping it "all the way" real. Is it for you? If you arent ready to overcome these insights, then Probably not!

5 BIG problems with Network Marketing | Multi-Level Marketing and should you join an MLM?

If you’ve been following Passport Kings for the last 6 years I’m sure you're shocked by the title of this blog. You guys probably know I am heavily involved in an MLM company.

But honestly, everything is not all roses and rainbows doing this kind of work. A lot of people will call it a downright scam, dismiss it and ridicule everyone that they think is involved with an MLM

This topic is no troll. Honestly, there are a lot of problems with MLMs. I’m not going to sugar coat it or hide these well-known and not-so-well-known facts. I’m going to be upfront, honest and transparent.

I was sent a Youtube Super chat of $25. A kid no older than 23 had been watching some of my travel videos on Youtube and stopped by my Live to ask me “what I did that allowed me to travel so often and to the far reaches of the earth?” 

I gave him my canned response of: 
"I HELP families supplement their income by taking advantage of the financial opportunities that are present in the travel industry.”
I then sent him a link to a page on my website called “Become Travel Agent."

and I left it at that.

Like the countless people who aren't immediate skeptics of things that don’t understand, he clicked the link.  Minutes later he privately messaged me and said. Oh, 1 of those network marketing things huh? 

I replied with “What have you heard about Networking Marketing”?

 And he replied, “Quite a lot” 

He said he joined 1 a few years back but quit because he did not get the results he was promised. 

I could tell he was becoming aggravated at the mention of MLM. He then said in capital letters, JUST FORGET IT but can you tell me about the hoes in “Some country I don’t care to mention”

Having a great time with the Posse

It was no big deal to me. We chatted for a few minutes longer about the topic he preferred. Then we never spoke again.

Why am I telling you this? 

firstly, because I come across people with these feelings about Network Marketing, a lot more than I would have hoped since I got started almost 6 years ago… You may have the same feelings about MLMs 

And this may go against what a lot of mentors have taught me in my company, but I gotta be honest with the Passport Kings Audience. 

MLM’s AINT for Everyone! 

And It’s no secret. And a lot of these reasons are easily researched in a simple google search.

Number 5 and most cringey is:

People may temporarily lose respect for you. There are a lot of sayings out there like “Always respect a day’s work” and What you need is a “Jobby Job.” and “Don’t be mad UPS is hiring.”
Passport Kings in Seattle

When people see what you spend your day doing, they will feel you are just wasting time that could be spent at a factory or retail store.” 

There are no comforting sayings for someone in this type of business. Hardly no one will feel you should have allegiance to Network Marketing Company. And to top it off, they will be offended when you suggest they join you think you are only looking to cash them out. Only when they can see the money you are making with this business will they start to pay attention to you. But if you’re just starting out as well, you won't have the material things to show them. And the only way you will ever hop this hurdle is when you start Attracting Partners instead of looking Desperate for partners.

Number 4 and most Defeating is:

A lot more than half of the people who give MLMs a try, you will fail. And it’s a LOT MORE than half. 

The truth is, 96% who try this fail and if you don't learn all you can and push through the setbacks of starting a business, you will probably fail too. 

The odds are you will only sponsor about 2 reps which will accumulate WAY LESS than what you would need to supplement your income. 

The 2 new people and yourself are most likely to last about 92 days before you quit too.

See the world for less

Number 3 and most scammy sounding is

The guys at the top, who started when the company was launching, but believed in themselves and product or service will be raking in mountains of cash while the majority of members will be making chump change. 

It’ll seem like they were the beneficiaries of timing but  If you ever hear them speak, you will be able to tell that they are all around,  great leaders in general. 

They will have charisma, be extroverts, and focused on the business full time. They aint playing with this shit!

Most people will join but not take the business seriously. The men and women who understand they need to be Leaders will be making exponentially more money than those who just want to dabble in business ownership.

People who are comfortable with who they already are and what they already have will most likely fail. 

In order to win, you will have to become someone else. Someone who driven! And if you are driven but partner with those who aren't, they will become a burden to your success.

Number 2 and most likely to seem like a waste of time is:

At a typical job, when you clock in, you start getting paid. You can spend your day lollygagging with fellow employees talking about the NFL and Social Justice issues and you will still be getting paid. 

I remember I had my own policy where I would never go to the bathroom on my break because I felt I should get paid for going to the bathroom while on the clock

In an MLM, you will only get paid when the company makes money. 

I’ve had months where I made  $5000 and months where I made $13 which of course was eliminated by my monthly fees.

Then there is the time wasted advertising what your host company sells. 

If customers don’t buy your products or services, you get nothing. 

You can spend your time on social media advertising and see no cake by the end of that week. 

Some people will come to you for information then buy the exact same thing from your competition because they are “well known.” or they will claim they “Did it themselves” not considering that they just stiffed you for your work.

Number 1 and most obvious when it comes to Travel is: 

The Pandemic!

A Travel Business, right now? 

I know, for the last 2 years, this industry has taken a big hit. 

Fortunately, things are getting back to normal slowly. The best part for anyone in this business is, who rode this wave is if you ask anyone what’s the first thing they want to do, their enthusiastic answer is travel. 

People can't wait to be told that travel is back to normal!

Domestically and Abroad. And I'll be ready to book it for them.

In stock trading terms, what the travel industry is about to enter is called BULLISH! 

Those are my 10 reasons why YOU should NOT get involved in Network Marketing. <--(Input the title)

I squeezed in a few of my rebuttals but I think I’ve been very honest about why I feel some people should not even bother with Network Marketing. 

Yet I still recommend it. 


I need to Travel

Because this type of business represents everything I built my life around. The ability to come and go as I please. The opportunity to live how I want to live and not by another man’s schedule. I’m 1 of the ten percent. 

Throughout my life, I’ve had many typical jobs. I saw my dad work every day nonstop until his health would no longer let him. I’ve also had sporadic spurts of really good money throughout my life. I preferred those times more. I still schedule myself, but it’s according to my wants and MY business’s needs.

I don’t care about the bullet points I listed about what could go wrong. 

I demand freedom in my life. This business is legal and promises me my own life. I’m not working to ensure some other rich guy gets his kids through school. It’s hard work. but I’ve seen successes and I’ve seen people who are less equipped get success.

I don’t care if it’s gonna take me 10 years or 20 years and I will have to experience ups and downs.

When I’m ready to take a trip, I don’t have to ask nobody or wait until I’ve accumulated enough hours.
I like having choices. I want to be free like a king...



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