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Where to live in Atlanta 2020

So, you're thinking about moving down here and you can't decide where to live in Atlanta. This top 10 countdown should be able to help. It is the final part of my moving to Atlanta series. It's impossible to have a great time in this city if when you go home every night, you're miserable. Where to live in Atlanta is the 2nd most important decision to make after you decide to move to #Atlanta. #WhereToLive #2020

What’s up Royal family. I’ve done videos about moving to Atlanta, Living in Atlanta and which places to avoid while in Atlanta. Today on Passport Kings I’m going to do a countdown of the top 10 places in Atlanta to live once you decide to move to Atlanta, Engage!

Moving to Atlanta has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for my life. It has a lot of upsides.  If you are duped into moving to one of the places that I mentioned on my last video about Atlanta, You may even feel like its the worst decision you could possibly make. This countdown about the best places to move to in Atlanta, which was highly requested, should steer you in the right direction about where to live in Atlanta so you can have a positive experience just like I am having.

South of the city and west of Clayton county you will find Fairburn. The best part about living in fairburn is it is close to the airport. Much of the housing here consists of fine period This is a place full of history and character. You’ll never hear me claiming that Atlanta is perfect. And Fairburn certainly isnt, but for someone who is on a budget and is leaving there city with the bare minimums, fairburn will welcome you. You can get a rental house and pay less than $900 a month.

If you travel North on the I-75 you will wind up in Kennesaw. The most notable thing about the city of kennesaw is that you are REQUIRED to have a gun if you own a home in Kennesaw. Kennesaw is not the pretty place to live in the Metro Atlanta area but the prices for homes are amazing. They are rising but right now 255k gets you a home that will be larger than most. There are shopping areas, malls and lots of restaurants to chose to spend your days in.

The median home cost in Alpharetta is is $389k so we are getting back up there in price. The thing
about Alpharetta is it is Very far north-east of the city. This is probably the furthest you would want to commute home if you work in the inner city of Atlanta. These are some expensive houses but it will be the most bang for your buck if you want to be secluded. Some people ask me what does “Median” mean when I say Median home cost. If you have forgotten how to find the median average of a list of items, in this case houses, you have to add up the the price of every house in that neighborhood, then divide your answer by the amount of houses there are.

7.Camp Creek Parkway.
The good side of Camp Creeks is West of the 285 highway but if you get to Fulton Industrial Boulevard, you have definitely gone to far. I’m not sure if this area has an official name. You will find easy living here. Big beautiful houses but not so snooty neighbors. If you can, live behind the LA Fitness in Camp Creek Marketplace. As you can tell travel is my passion. If travel is your passion, this area is only about a 4-5 minute drive away from the busiest airport in the world, hartsfield Jackson. You cant beat this location especially if you are an air commuter or you work in the airline industry. Speaking of travel, if you are about to take a trip consider booking your own trips through the Passport Kings booking portal. Click the link above. http://www.passportkings.com/p/booktravel_31.html. It’s the same exact process as booking through the more well known booking engines like Expedia and their umbrella of well known booking portals - except I will get the commission instead of Barry Diller.

6.North Decatur
(not to be confused with south Decatur) once you start seeing for all of the Emory Hospitals, you will know you are in the right area. If you have any interest in the medical field, you pretty much NEED to live in this area. The center of it has outrageous prices but around the outskirts are home surprisingly affordable for someone who doesn't have the experience and education intensive credentials. When I first moved to Atlanta, my wife and I worked for the Emory brand of hospitals and schools for a very long time. They have their own temporary agency. Someone in a previous video asked me which temp services would I recommend when you first move to Atlanta in this is definitely it. I will put a link below where you can get set up. They will not hire you immediately, but with hard work and tenacity, you could find yourself living very good until you start investing.

5.Sandy Springs: 
Immediately North of the inner city of Atlanta and right above Buckhead you will find Sandy Springs, Sandy springs is expensive and it has every right to be. The houses that line the streets in this area look like the were all custom built by millionaires. The average home cost in the sandy springs area is 450k so to live here you should already be making some serious money. How snooty my neighbors are is really important to me, and the snootier the more turned off I am. but the good thing about Sandy Springs is many homes are individually gated and those where the entire community is gated, the houses are so far apart, no one will bother you for months on end. If you are not able to move here first, come to Atlanta, get your life together and make Sandy Springs your ultimate destination

Mableton is in Cobb County just west of the Vinings and Marietta which I will mention both later. Mableton has a very rich mix of older homes and new homes and subdivisions. The median cost of a home is about $220k and you will get a whole lot of bang for your buck. Mableton is hidden in between more popular areas so it get the spillover of nice neighborhoods into the northern side of this region. Just remember to NOT go too far west or you might end up in Douglasville. Douglasville took the number 1 spot in my countdown of worst places to live in Atlanta. 6 flags Roller Coasters may be full of thrills - but if you look up in the sky and can see the rails of that amusement park you know you have wandered a little to far west.

Buckhead is the most popular area in Atlanta. It May be to fast paced and thrilling for people who are not moving in from big cities. It’s definitely too expensive for people who are moving from small towns to try to find a better life in Atlanta, but if you can afford it, this is the pinnacle of Atlanta’s bright lights and big city living. I know I always brushed off the gay talk about Atlanta but if you are gay Lenox Mall is dead center of Buckhead and it seems to be the epicenter of gay stuff. If you are straight, don’t let the gay-brigade deter you, Buckhead is stylish and has the best clubs and eateries that your girlfriend or wife will want to go. If you ever looked at shows on tv about Atlanta and you see all of the beautiful homes and cars, chances are, they were filming in buckhead. It’s like living in Black Hollywood. It’s not good for people who want life to slow down, but it’s perfect for people who desire constant excitement.

2.Atlantic Station:
Atlantic station is a haven for young professionals and singles. The high-rises are filled to the brims
with women who are serious about being beautiful and dudes who are securing the bag. You will be living directly above and around some of the most hip places in Atlanta. This can be considered Midtown, Midtown. This neighborhood is less than 10 years old. It didn't exist when I first moved to Atlanta. You can tell that the architects and construction crews tried to keep being cool in mind while they built everything around here. This area is right off the highway and very popular. If you are just visiting Atlanta, I suggest you spend at least one of your Friday nights in Atlantic station. I think it was solely created for people who just got divorced and moved to Atlanta, the community seems to be close nit. Melinnials are some of the most successful travel partners we have. When you’re ready to make a residual income be sure to attend one of the meeting s I always tell you about at the end of my videos

1. The Vinings Atlanta
The Vinings is rated one of the best places to raise a family and job growth. Construction of new residences is at an all time high. The new braves stadium in cobb county has hiked a lot of the prices in this area but the stadium is also not close enough to put the prices out of range for normal families.

Are you planning on moving to Atlanta? Type “I’m on my way to Atlanta” in the comments section below. Tell me about your concerns fears and what excites you and hopefully I can address it in a future passport kings travel video. I love reading and responding to you. Check out the entire moving to Atlanta focused playlist that I’m attaching to the end credits so you can learn everything I’ve learned and my experience with moving to Atlanta. That way you can come here fully prepared like a king


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