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Top 10 African Cities with the most Beautiful Women

The African Cities with the Most Beautiful Women Passport Kings countdown

is here to lead us into 2020. African has beautiful women in every country and city but people have been asking me to update this competition

Hey Passport Kings, what African cities can you find the most Beautiful women in the world? That’s tough, but let’s find out, Engage!

Beautiful women are all over Africa. These countdown videos are hard to make because putting one place above another cannot possibly be based in fact. This is an opinion piece that is created from my own personal experiences. I’m sure others will have a different opinion. And that’s ok. If you must give my video a thumbs down, at least write WHY and your opinion in the comments. 

In all places in the world you will find women who are beautiful and some that are not so much so. But when you meet one who is so beautiful that it strikes at your soul, you will most likely take note of where you were when your eyes were blessed with this phenomena. With those restrictions already so tight, I’m going to make myself even more crazier and narrow this list down to cities, not countries, in Africa where I believe you will see and meet the most beautiful chicks alive.

10.Kigali, Rwanda

Kigali is the largest city and the capital city of Rwanda. Rwanda has been a unified state since pre-colonial times, populated by the Banyarwanda women who share a single language and cultural heritage. The 3 groups of women you will meet will be Hutu, Tutsi and Twa Music and dance are an essential part of Rwandan ceremonies, celebration, social gatherings and storytelling. 1994 was a terrible year in Rwanda. The entire state pretty much collapsed. The current government has done a wonderful job of patching things back together and the tourism industry is the fastest growing economic resource. The women here are richly Melonated and and pleasure to be around.

09. Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Religion plays a big part in these women lives the Spanish visitors came this country and brainwashed the women in Christianity and Roman Catholicism. If you find a woman who is willing to think freely from this madness, you will then get to see how beautiful she really is. Malabo is on Bloko Island which is right off the coast of Cameroon, Gabon and Larger Equatorial Guinea. If you have the time or money to visit you will get the chance to see what an authentic “exotic Islander” looks like.  

08. Lagos, Nigeria

Don’t even bother trying to learn a new language to better communicate with the women of Nigeria. Nigeria is home to 180 Million People with 300 different Tribes and about 500 different languages. If the bible story about the tower of Babel is true, this is obviously where the multiple language mix ups happened. If that was true. To me, Nigerian women look a lot like African Americans. They come in all different shades and colors and they are all very proud of where they grew up. The main groups of women you meet will be happy to tell you that their ethnic group is Yoruba, Hausa-Fulani and Igbo. They are very pretty. But as you know, anywhere there is Oil there is trouble because other nations want to control it. Nigeria is the 12 largest petrolium producer in the WORLD.  

07. Abidjan, Ivory Coast

To be honest, one of my customers in my Travel Business put me on to this city and this country.
He was not lying when he said you will absolutely find some of the most beautiful African women in this french speaking country.  Cote d’Ivoire, is called the Jewel of Africa for many reasons like it’s tropical local, but I’m sure the main reason is the beautiful black women. The government abolished polygamy in 1964, and they set the legal marriage age at eighteen for boys and sixteen for girls, just like it is here in Atlanta Georgia. Often relaxed in character and very polite, Ivoirians always great each other and inquire about a person's health, family, or work. It is considered rude to conduct business without first greeting.

06. Joburg, South Africa 

Johannesburg, South Africa is home to 4.4 Million women and men. The Rand to Dollar Ratio is 14-1 so you will be a baller in Joburg if you make a decent income in America. The women are great cooks and you can get to know them before you even get there, Their wifi is solid and communication is easy because a lot of them will speak English. Johannesburg is the 28th largest economy in the world and the women thrive with jobs in manufacturing and technology and hospitality services, there currently are a lot of poor South African women but their society is working very hard to rid itself the drawbacks the apartheid left. All in all, you will find beauty from all over Africa in Joburg because a lot of women have left other countries in Africa to come here for a better life. 

05. Mogadishu, Somalia

Mogadishu is not as dangerous as many places in the world, but it is indeed a dangerous place to visit. The population is about 2.5 Million People. Although this city is currently in an intense period of reconstruction, visiting it may still be considered extreme travel. These issues still don’t not take away from how beautiful these women still are. But to be smart, you may have to delay your visit and see if you can meet them in the USA . If you want to meet Somalian Women in America, I’ve always seen the majority of them in Denver Colorado but I’m sure there are other places across the US and Europe where you may come across them. 

04. Praia, Cape Verdi

If it wasn’t for the hardships that this country is currently going through, Somewhere in Cape Verdi
would probably win every countdown I produce, These women look like if what artist think of when they want to draw superhero women. Their shapes and faces are like what Trump calls his phone calls to Ukraine, PERFECT! I’ve discussed their culture on countless other videos in my Mother Africa playlist, so to find out more about these women, click the link above.  

03. Luanda, Angola

Luanda has the highest annual growth in population and is said to be approaching 9 million residents by 2030. The Beautiful women of Brazil has Angola to thank for their phenom-types. The official Language of Angola is Portuguese just like Brazil but many Angolans are Bilingual. Corrupt Politicians and countless war has made the city of Luanda hard to even get a chance to meet the beautiful women. If you can though, you will be awestruck. The fighting in Angola is 95% of the time, done by male soldiers, so when they finish killing each other, what you are left with is a city FULL of beautiful women. Although polygamous marriages are legal and take a lot of these women out of the dating pool, there are still quite a few left who is looking for a good man.    

02. Accra, Ghana

I’ve been saying this for quite a few videos lately but Accra has rolled out the red carpet for black people in America and the Caribbean Islands. They understand that many of us are not originally from Ghana, but they are still welcoming us home, back to Africa. And with a group of women who look the way the women in Accra Does, we are anxious to go see if Ghana could indeed be our new home. Ghana used to be called the Gold Coast and I guess that's from sitting right next door to the Ivory coast, Ghana was the first country to acquire independence from European rule. The women speak English and that makes everything easier for visitors looking for the love of his life. They are real sticklers for Politeness, Hospitality and Formality.   

01. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Yes, the horn of Africa wins again. Its just too hard to deny how beautiful the Habesha women are. Go check out the full video I did about Habeshas here. The Christians and the Muslims live peacefully together in Addis Ababa which makes for a safe environment. Differences between the look of Ethiopians and it’s neighboring Countries I guess, can only be seen by a person from the outside looking in. The Eritrean Women are pretty much the same as far as looks but their cultures have minor differences. Many say that map lines are the only things that separate them. The population is expected to be 8 million people by 2040. The gender division in urban areas is less pronounced than it is in the countryside. Many women work outside of the home, with a greater awareness of gender inequality. Women in urban areas are still responsible, with or without a career, for the domestic space. Employment is mostly equivalent, but men tend to be promoted much faster and more often. These women are the most beautiful women you will ever meet and they are career women who are smart and go-getters. 

And that’s my countdown. 
  1. My question for this week is which cities in Africa would you have put on this list? 
  2. Also, which cities in America have you found a great concentration of African Communities?
  3. And one last question.. I want to know how much of the Passport kings Audience believes that us who were designated as African Americans are actually aboriginal to the Americas. That is a conversation I want to have, and I want all of the information you were giving that makes you believe that. I don’t believe in that Idea but I also don’t dismiss it. Teach me, if you have the info. Or dispute it if you know it to be wrong.
I also know that how a person is willing to treat you is probably more important than how that person looks but to ignore how beautiful a woman is, is mental dodgeball. Bad attitudes doesn't take away the fact that that a woman is physically beautiful. Not getting along has nothing to do with eyesight. A lot of times, women are beautiful AND nice but men who have had bad experiences with ultra cute girls will prejudge the next beautiful woman that he sees and (Label her as Trouble) and not even give some of these women a chance to show you how some women are beautiful on the inside and outside.

Don’t do that. Introduce yourself to every woman you think is beautiful. She may look incredible AND want to treat you like a King, 


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