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Before and After | 4 Week, Walking Workout: Passport Kings Travel Video

Roklan's Workout Plan 

Getting into great shape I believe is the only thing in life that can make a tremendous positive difference in your life and not cost any money! Some people prefer the gym because you get a lot more motivation when you’re surrounded by people with the same goals in mind. I’ve also heard that the urge to utilize the money that you spent on membership, can also be a very good motivating factor to get you on a treadmill or the bench press. Whatever gets you moving, I suggest you use it!

One of my main issues was the terrible cigarette habit I
picked up. They made me lazy and unproductive. People don’t realize the psychological
effect cigarettes have on helping you meet your goals either.  Now that I have stopped smoking, I wake up in the morning with all kinds of ideas and solutions to challenges swimming around
in my head. I now must sleep with a pen and pad or my smartphone’s memo pad,
close to my bed. Because when those ideas start flowing early in the morning, I
don’t want to forget them by not writing them down.

Before, the only thing I would wake up thinking is, where did I leave my
Newports and my lighter. Cigarettes was super hard to quit. I had been smoking them since I was about 15. I quit 1 time in my twenties for a whole 6 years. Unfortunately, when I was
turning 28, I vacationed in Vegas and I was out there talking about what
happens out here stays out here. Well, I took that bad habit back home and was
back at it off and on for another 8 years. If yawl want to know what I did to
quit for good, I highly suggest Nicorette patches. Here is a link to pick them
up from Amazon and they usually get them to you in 1 business day if you have
prime. You will have a few nightmares when you sleep with them on, but when it
comes to quitting, they work like a charm.  I used to look forward to the nightmares like
they were action packed overnight movies to live through. I just hated when the
story line would hit too close to home.

Anyway, back to working out. There are some reasons why
people don’t use the gym. For me, the smell of rubber floors gives me a
headache. Then a lot of times it feels like the air in the gym is standing
still and it makes me a little claustrophobic. Some people don’t like paying
the hefty fees or the theatrics that people go through just to go to the gym.
(acting like it’s a fashion show instead of a place where clanging and banging
gets done. Lots of people have free weights at home and feel like that’s enough.
With a little dedication, most times it is. Me? I’m an outdoorsy type of guy.
Any chance to become 1 with the universe, I’m all for it. You may not be able
to tell now, but at one time I was in spectacular shape. Under the beer gut that
I acquired from getting saucy, there is a 6 pack waiting to show its face
again. I also cut down on a lot of my activity after injuring my ankle and
elbow in a fist fight. When somebody tried to play me.

I don’t need to try to pack on pounds so I can gain muscle,
I am already the mass that I wanted to be. My goal now is to trim down about 40
lbs. and get REALLY Ripped. Everything that I’ve read and was told about how to
accomplish that goal always comes back to eating right. In fact, 70% of all
people’s results depends on sticking to a diet.  Next month I’ll be starting a swimming class because
I always wanted to be an excellent swimmer which I am currently not plus I know
that swimming is excellent aerobic exercise, but as of right now, I’m going to
focus on my diet and getting my walk on. Ill do a little bit of Jogging and
running, but a lot of studies show that it really doesn’t make a difference how
fast you run, and I also want to be cautious about reinjuring my ankle.
For the size, I want to be, I must accomplish four things
every day: walk 12,000 steps (about six miles); sleep at least seven hours;
unplug from all technology for an hour to reduce sitting, snacking, stressing, and
sleeplessness; and eat three 400-calorie meals and two half-meals that will
each consist of lean protein, fiber, and a little healthy fat. I’m taking these
recommendations from the guy who got Chris Pratt in shape for Guardians of the
Galaxy (show his before and after) and works for Marvel getting all the
Avengers Actors in shape before shoots. The dude’s name is Harley Pasternak.

I thought it would be a lot harder than that, but that’s what he says, and he’s obviously getting results out of all types of dudes in different shapes and ages. I was also told that the secret to getting
the perfect body is patience. I guess it’s the same thing like getting money.
Be consistent, set big enough goals that are worth sticking to, find outside
motivation and realize that it takes time to see the results of doing what
others won’t do. Right now, I’m not joining a gym because I have weights at home,
and as motivated as I am nowadays from not smoking, I know I can get my Calisthenics
and weight training done in about 45 minutes - then take my dog for a long walk
to give myself a head start on the 12,000 steps.

Like I said in a previous video, getting into great shape is
not only good for me, but it’s good for passport kings the show, and it’s good
for the image of our people. I see a lot of dudes already handling this on my
numerous social media timelines and hopefully we can get our women to take it
as serious as we’ve been. Everyone wants them to become the shape that they can
potentially be and quite frankly, it’s a shame when the men of a community care
more about their shape than the women do. Let’s all be the best-looking humans
on this planet because we certainly have that potential.  

1 last thing, I know it’s not fair that I’ve slacked off on making videos until I get myself into a shape I’m personally comfortable with, and believe me, that was not my plan. A lot of my viewers have been complaining and rightfully so about my sluggish updates. To you guys, please stay tuned. The travels abroad are coming, I’ve upped my game tremendously and I’ll be ready to compete for the long term shortly. And like I always say. I’m not here to brag about how much I travel. There is no point in flaunting that. My goal since I started this Passport Kings channel back in 2014 and Passport Kings LLC has always been and always will be to get YOU to travel more. I’m not the Passport King, my name is Roklan I’m just the host of this movement. The viewers and I together are the Passport Kings (get your shirt today) Yes, Women too, this is a group effort and you guys and gals are every bit as much Travel Royalty as I am. I’m not here to march out in front of you boasting about my adventures and telling you what you missed. I want US to travel alongside each other, in real life. My friends and your friends United like kings.

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