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10 Dumb reasons why people don't travel more: Passport kings Video

10 travel myths that are BS!

It's time to stop procrastination  and start traveling.

When I speak to people about traveling abroad, there is usually one of 2 responses. They are either really excited to hear about my adventures or the look at me like I’m crazy. The people who look at me like I’m crazy usually have never traveled abroad, they have no desire to go away with responses like (everything I’ll ever need is right here in the US) Those responses are usually brought on by fear of the unknown but everyone knows that fear is nothing more than false evidence appearing real. False evidence or created by myths. Here is a few myths about traveling abroad that need to be debunked.

1. Everyone wants to rob you in other countries

Do Americans make a lot of money? For the most part, yes, but we are FAR from the richest people in the world. Robbing an American will bring that individual a couple of bucks but it will also get them arrested. The rest of the world is not a lawless wild west. A lot of countries take robbing a tourist very seriously. Most cops are NOT part of the con – jobs. They are paid to protect and serve and that’s usually what they do. No one wants to go to jail out there for your DSLR camera.

2. There is no time to be traveling because you got a family.

People who really want to do something get it done. Your family wants you to be happy. A few days away from them here and there is not going to kill them. Take family trips.. but don’t make them ALL family trips. Go abroad with your friends and go abroad alone. Someone in this situation needs peace of mind and good times outside of family time.

3. Everywhere outside of the US is Dangerous.

I’m black, I live in America. A lot of people say this and that may start a race war here.. I got news for you that say that. The race war has started a LONG time ago. Cops can right now kill and unarmed person for NO reason and get away with it Scott free. If you want to be afraid, you better look around at the current relations between races in America. It’s been hell on people like me since America’s inception, and by the looks of things, it aint changing any time soon. It’s so bad that political candidates won’t touch the issue, there is an entire news network dedicated to making sure their side is not punished for harassing and killing people and the rest of the media seems just as eager to paint victims as somehow bringing it upon themselves. I say you may be actually safer in another country.

4. People hate Americans.

Because of the empire building that our government does abroad on a daily basis there is definitely a purpose for the hate - but here is the thing, they understand that there is nuance in the way this country is ran. Just because Trump is our president, they don’t automatically think that we all see the world the way he does. And yes, many times loud obnoxious Americans visit other countries and act like they own the place. Some people go to another country and call the people there, foreigners, they also act aggravated that people abroad can’t speak English. But again, if a local runs into one American asshole, that does not mean he or she will batch all American people together in the same basket. They like anyone else know how to tell the difference between a jerk and someone who is not.

5. If you don’t speak the language you can’t communicate with others.

The last Myth mentions this, and I feel it is common courtesy to try to speak the language of the land you are in…At least try, But I’ve learned that MANY places that you go, People always speak at least a little bit of English. They learn English in school at a very young age.

6. it’s impossible to make money while you are traveling

Go to www.passportkings.com and download my free book on how to do just that. But there are many other ways to make money without a typical 9-5 that needs you to be clocked in and where they want you to be at certain times of every day. Figure out how much money you make daily at your 9-5 job and use your brain and the internet to make that same amount on autopilot

7. The food and water of other countries will make you sick.

This may be true in some of the poorer countries, but hell, some water from the tap in America catches fire when you hold a lighter to it. Drink bottled water. The sell it everywhere I have ever been. Buy food from restaurants if you are afraid of cleanliness. I still see a lot of my people buying food from Chinese restaurants with bullet proof glass in poor neighborhoods in the states. If you can eat that, with all of the news reports that come out about what they are doing in the back behind the wall, your stomach can handle almost anything. The people of countries abroad don’t want to die from their food. Eat the same things they eat.

8. There is no better place to be than in the USA.

The only thing the USA does better than anyone else is build a military. Anything else you can find it and sometimes better abroad.

9. You will get kidnapped.

Most times, aint nobody thinking about you when you are in their country. They also know that most Americans don’t have the kind of money that will make it worth it to kidnap you. Again, they have laws abroad. This is not the only civilized country…There freedom is worth more than your dad’s pension.

10. Once you get it out of your system, you will no longer see the need to travel.

Being wanderlust is a lifelong feeling. There is a never ending list of places you will want to visit and revisit. I don’t know about anyone else but getting out there makes my time on this earth worth it.
Bonus: number 11. Yall, just like traveling out of the country for cheap hoes.
The cheapest hoes are in the US.


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