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Which Cruise should you use? Top 5 Cruise Companies and Cruise Ships: Pa...

We make sure you choose the right cruise company for your vacation

Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises,Oceania,  Disney Cruises and many more have a lot to offer their happy travellers. On this episode of passport Kings I will pick the top five cruise ships and companies that will work extremely well for your trip across the oceans.

Exciting cruises are leaving a port every week and taking a boat full of people on an adventure of a life time. Some of the things you can expect are fun in the sun, all you can eat restaurants that are open all day long, parties, karaoke, Broadway/Vegas shows visiting the islands and just all around BIG fun with the people you go with. Today's vessels are outfitted with Wi-Fi, cell service and satellite TV so you can stay in touch with the real world during your cruise (if you even want to). Onboard shops sell the toiletries you forgot to pack, medical centers can provide medicine or a doctor's services if needed, and laundry facilities let you wash your clothes mid-cruise so you don't need to over-pack. Of course, there's also the fun stuff like gyms, multiple restaurants, movie screens, spas, swimming pools, theaters and clubs. However, some cruises specialize in certain types of crowds. Figuring out what kind of crowd you are will determine which cruise you should take. Right after this ultra-fast commercial, I will tell you which cruise to pick depending on who's going!

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Grand Celebration: For people that are ONLY concerned with getting the cheapest cruise possible, this cruise is for you. You will usually hear advertisements about this cruise on your local radio stations or via ads in Groupon. I’ve been on his cruise twice once with my lady and another time with a large group of friends. And I must say that at this price, it’s impressive. Although “bare bones” as far as entertainment, fanfare and the availability of all activities aboard, this cruise actually served its purpose. One of the best inclusions with it was the opportunity to buy actual bottles of liquor to bring with you to your cabin. This is definitely a practice that other companies should adopt. And the food, although it is not nearly as many options that other cruise ships offer, it’s tasty and serves its purpose. On the downside, you can visually see the wear and tear of this ship. My assumption is that this ship was purchased from the likes of carnival instead of being decommissioned. Don’t let that scare you because you can tell that the crew is 100% dedicated to the upkeep and safety of this ship. It’s just that other companies are constantly adding to, and upgrading its fleet and this company is doing its best to not let this one go. Do I suggest this cruise? Yes I guess…Why? The price is cheap and worth it. Do it as a cheap, last minute, weekend getaway but only AFTER you have already experienced other cruises.  The urge to cruise again and the memories created will not be as strong.  Cruises should have bells and whistles and it will if you go with one of these other options.
Royal Caribbean: Royal Caribbean has the fanciest ships you will ever be on. Their designers seem to be from the future. Plus the staff is so cool it’s almost like they are family members when it’s time to leave, and you hate to leave them behind. Let me say whether you are a first time cruiser or not, this ship and itinerary are for everyone of all ages. Some of the others at our Dinner table had been on several cruises and found the Empress to be as comparable to the other ships they had been on. To avoid the check-out bottleneck, ask for a printout of your bill the day before disembarking. If there are any discrepancies, you can resolve them early and totally relax on your last day at sea. Royal Caribbean is fun but I have not been on enough cruises with them to give equal comparisons with the cruise company that came in first place.

Oceania: Be different, are you tired of the same ole, same ole cruises that everyone does? Do you want to be trendsetter, Are you already a jetsetter? Well get pampered like one and be a cruise innovator. Especially right now while the 3rd and 4th Guest sail for free. These cruises go to locations that are not overly saturated. To some people, the Bahamas and everywhere else in the Caribbean is old news. You in Alaska, new England and Bermuda are the pictures that people really want to see.  Plus Oceania seems to always have the best giveaways and packages. The sale that’s available right now will go above and beyond any other company on this list by giving you free unlimited internet and free airfare! I’ve never seen a deal like that with other companies

Disney: Some say it’s pricey, but I guarantee you that it is worth every penny. Bring kids along and this vacation will put you and this trip into legendary status. And I gave the option to bring a kid along because not all adults want to bring kids on this voyage. Going as adults is perfectly OK and well worth it! A great idea on this cruise is to bring along walkie talkies…This way everyone can roam all over the ship but stay in contact to meet for lunch dinner and shows. And Remember, the First-Ever Marvel Day at Sea on Select Disney Magic Sailings in 2017. The event features all-day entertainment including exclusive interactions with some of the mightiest Marvel Super Heroes and the menacing foes that oppose them, an extraordinary deck party, Marvel-themed youth activities, special merchandise and unique food and beverage offerings.

Carnival: Out of all of the cruises Ive ever taken, Carnival has been the most perfect for me and my crowd. It’s not stuck up or bougie. The prices are very reasonable and the things that are paid for are the things I find most deserving of my money. I went on my last carnival cruise a super bowl or 2 ago. The boat had a super large screen projector on the Lido deck that half the ship gathered around as we all rooted for our favorite teams. The music in the lounging areas, the parties, the casinos and bars are all professional and free spirited. The restrictions of everyday life seem to be turned off! The workers will treat you like you paid much more to be there…They are respectful and cooperative looking for ways to meet your needs without you asking. The islands we visited in the Bahamas were well worth exploring but I HIGHLY suggest you do some type of excursion. The very first time out there a group of friends and I just found a quiet alley in Nassau where we drank, cracked jokes and made friends with the natives. And although that was super fun I left feeling like I missed something…The 2nd time I went and I did go zip lining, on an island tour with a sightseeing firm and deep sea diving, I felt soo much more fulfilled with my time on the island… I still did drank a lot my loved ones. DON’T book your excursions onboard or with this or any cruise company. You can usually get the best deal on a day trip if you arrange it directly with you travel agent.  Make sure you don’t miss the boat! I like to fly into the port city a day or two before the cruise begins, especially in winter, to make sure that flight delays and cancellations don't throw everything off. There is no stress like knowing the boat is about to set sail and you are not there yet. Having travel Insurance will put your mind at ease if this happens to you so make sure you order some… It can save you and your money if something out of your control that could make you miss the disembarking happens.  

Last bit of advice…I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend the wrist bands that you can order from amazon on this link. They are over $13 in the drug store and even higher when on a cruise so purchase them ahead of time now

I almost never wanted to cruise again when I began to feel nauseated my first time cruising. That time, I had to take a pill and I began to feel relief, but while I was purchasing the pills, a woman in the store showed me the wristbands she was using… I purchased them before hand on my 2nd cruise and I have never looked back! It’s almost like I don’t even notice we are on water while wearing them. If you forget them, my only advice would be to eat a green apple or just hold a citrus fruit to your nose and inhale for a few minutes. It will give you relief but yeah, go for the wrist bands. The best deals on Cruises can be found right now in the hotdeals section of Roklanland.inteletravel.com do not put a www on the front of that url. Go there now and find all of the latest cruise deals in 1 spot instead of flipping back and forth through internet pages…then contact me when you see one that is perfect for you and your squad. And remember, I price match!


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