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Did you really want to Make money online so you can Travel More? Or were you just signing in for a freebee?

If so, These 2 short videos are exactly what you've been looking for. I SWEAR!

This new income is going to help your family thrive. I need you to see what I've been taught. This has helped my family and it will certainly help yours. Not only that, but there is no one in their right mind who wouldn't love to make a substantial extra monthly income that will finally let you afford the things that you've  have always wanted. 
Me? My main pet peeve in life was being at a store and having to choose between what I REALLY wanted and what I could afford! ~Roklan
Our CEO, Donald Bradley, has made sure the Math was correct. We all know that men lie and women lie, but Numbers don't! I want to show you the numbers. Your family deserve more than what well intended people have led you to believe you were capable of getting in your life. You are sharp enough to see when things are right. Looking at the payout plans, It's extremely easy to tell that this business is EXACTLY what you've been waiting for. Life was made to enjoy! Travel and make Money with this opportunity. Out of all MLM and travel companies, we do it the BEST and the numbers prove it! Check out these 2 extremely short videos then call me at 802-441-5263 (LAND) or on FB at www.facebook.com/passportrok. Watch them now and contact me Immediately after!

What is PlanNet Marketing and how will it help your family?

Yeah but how, Sway, will that help me? And what does "Inteletravel" have to do with this?

So there you have it. I know from my recent experiences that this is as simple and 100% legit as that! I practice what I preach. You are welcome to pick my brain ASAP. I need you to either call me now at 802-441-LAND (5263) or reach out to me on FB at www.facebook.com/passportrok and tell me you just watched the videos. The things that I and my Business partners tell you will change your income and your travel lifestyle, in record time, Guaranteed or your money back! Yes, I did say "or your money back!"

Travel is a 16 Trillion Dollar Industry. Collecting even a microscopically SMALL chunk is enough to radically change your life. You will do that very quickly! Additionally, you can even run your travel business PART-TIME! Imagine an extra $500-$1000 a month for bills! it's very easy to accomplish here. If that was your goals when you signed up to read my E-book, we will make it very easy to achieve. However, and even better, the reason I joined this opportunity, is I wanted to "Get at this REAL MONEY" and Travel while I produced income.

That's exactly what I do now...Full time. Remember, It took me a long time to find this combination and all I have to say now is "Thank God someone already had what I was looking for" - and thank goodness they were kind enough to let me in this business. My last job sucked! I believe in HUMANS helping each other out! If you are tired of hearing me talk about it, and you just want to sign up, this video shows you how:

However, If you have any more questions, hit me on facebook and leave your number. 
Or call me at 802-441-5263. The time for "wasting time" is OVER and you know it!
Welcome Aboard, Abroad!




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