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Internet is making us Hate each other and more Racist: Passport Kings Tr...

Have you ever got off of the internet more racist than when you got on? Yes we know racism with no power behind it is hardly racism at all, but just being dragged and directed to certain places on the web without much steering power is taking us to places we didn't want to go with the rest of humanity. If you were already a racist, the internet will make you even more of a racist...and If you weren't, the internet will make you hate people who may not even be racist. You will DEFINITELY start hating the people who pretend there is no more racism or the people who silently benefit from it, because they are worse than the Overt racist. Racism is the NUMBER 1 problem in all of society, worldwide. If you don't think it is, you are delusional! So yes, some exposure to world's (not-so)silent killer will cause justified anger, but chances are, the search for anger was not the reason you signed onto the internet that day. Algorithms are trying to direct you to where they think you want to go, but maybe you were headed in the other direction. I will do a quick explanation of this phenomena!



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