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Africa Countries with Beautiful Black Women 2017 Darkskin Version: Passp...

I got a lot of love on the 2016 version of the Top Countries in Africa to find Sexy Women. Most people were happy to see black women and black women celebrated. Thanks for all of the love...But there were a few who had a problem with it. Comments like "Those girls are not Original", "They are not Dark Skin Enough to be Africans" and my favorite "I must hate myself because some of the women were lighter than my mother...(BTW my mom is lighter than every chick I featured) But hey, that's the nature of the beast. Here in 2017 I am only putting "Dark Skin" Chicks in this video. The placements of the countries have not changed so if you saw the other vid, you may not be interested in this one. Also, this is not a Nat-Geo quality Documentary as some of them suggested it should be, Sorry but Youtube does not pay enough for me to recoup from doing a full fledged Documentary. Lastly, there is a thieving company on YouTube who steals the credit for other people's videos. Their name is "Collab Creations" and they said I used their footage with out telling me which part of the video I was being accused of. So I was unable to remove what they felt was theirs...So now, with YouTube's help they own the rights to the entire video even though I did 99% of the work, editing, writing, filming, traveling and advertising! This remix is also a "EFF YOU" to them.



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