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Give Great Customer Service: Passport Kings Travel Video

If you give great Customer Service they will choose you over other options...

Thanks for joining me at PlanNet Marketing and InteleTravel on this mission to make more money for the purpose of traveling more. Your signing up is only the beginning of a spectacular experience. There is one thing we hold near and dear to our heart at Passport Kings​ and that is giving excellent customer service to those who chose to use one of us as their travel expert. Here is what you need to do after a client books a trip with you, so you can always expect them to come back to us instead of giving the commission over to companies that already make millions of dollars on commissions. Treat them right and they will feel lucky to have us!

Every Business needs excellent Customer Service. In the Travel Industry, it is Mandatory. Now that you are an independent Travel Agent, here are some tips to make sure your customer keeps coming back to you for awesome deals, cheap prices and adventures to remember!



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My name is Roklan. I'm a travel advisor. I make Passport Kings Travel Videos to inform, preview and excite you about Vacation Destinations and other travel-related information. Discover, Preview and Book Travel with Passport Kings

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