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Working on a cruise ship is much more fun than you may imagine!

Ready to work on the go? Working on a cruise ship is a lot more exhilarating than you may think. You have no idea the perks. If you have an adventurist spirit and love to travel with a crew that will be like a family and are able to spend extended time away from home working on a cruise ship is unlike no other experience

  • Secret Parties,
  •  No experience necessary, 
  • Hook up with the other workers and many times, the sexy passengers, 
  • Make LOTS of money without paying for food, lodging, utilities or drinks. 
If you've ever dreamed of living, working, and partying with people from all over the world, well, welcome aboard. Some crews have over 60 different nationalities represented, and learning about different cultures is one of the best parts of working on a cruise ship. Also, we mentioned that they are all hooking up, right?



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