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Maybe it's time to pack up the family and move!


Thankfully, I have found the answer to your questions. And it's only $19 less than a case of beer!

 The Happy Expat Family E book

In This 257-page Ebook, You'll Learn About The Specific Challenges And How To Become A Successful Expat Family. Bonus: 16 Interviews With Expat Families From Around The World Give You The Inside Track, Tips, And Secrets To A Successful Family Relocation. Read it now!

  • Everything from planning your move and making a first visit, to language issues and dealing with bad days abroad.
  • The Happy Expat Family will better prepare your family to make a smooth move abroad. Applying just one suggestion could save you time, money, and a whole lot of stress. And there are dozens in the book!

  • When Dena moved abroad with her family in 2009 there wasn't much information. Most things were learned "the hard way." Because of that, The Happy Expat Family is a rich resource full of first hand experiences.

  • Dena wrote this ebook so families like yours could be prepared, and experience a smooth move abroad.

  • So if you are thinking about moving abroad, planning your move, or are already an expat, this book will help you deal with the challenges.

  • It will also motivate you to stay focused on creating an amazing life.

Don't miss out on this excellent resource that is rich with details and experiences so you can learn by reading what the author and people interviewed had to learn the hard way. Even if you arent planning on moving abroad, it's just an excellent read about people who dared themselves to do it, and actually did! Very Motivational! 

I preferred Sanders... But I think Hillary has his number... Unfortunately, I think Trump will beat them both because he appeals to a feeling that this country was built on, and has continued to keep traditionally in tact!

And I don't think I have to spell out what that is!... Get ahead of the great American Exodus!

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