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GUARANTEED to make you enough money so you can Travel with us on our Ski Trip!

Get this Money, then Put on your Ski's and let's hit the slopes!

There are not a lot of systems I would wholeheartedly put my name behind. But Salehoo is the one that has gotten me over the hump my whole life after eBay kicked me off the plantation. I say, Thank God for this system. It's by no means a get rich quick scheme, but I KNOW it will make you money when you apply it's rules and follow it's directions. Check out my review this week's episode on Passport Kings! 

Today on passport kings I will show you how I went from an eBay Powerseller to owning my own sites and shipping in my own Products from Big time Manufacturers. Only 3 easy steps per day and you can pretty much "write your own check" Since I've dropped eBay and Paypal I make more money now than ever before because of SALESHOO and their service called Online Selling Tactics. Here is my review and Recommendation to make enough money to come to my events Abroad!

And I have a few excellent events coming up. 1 in January to the Slopes. Then Another in Brazil for Carnival. You are INVITED, and after viewing this video, you can never again say, "I don't have the money to do those types of things." I'm leading you to the Money, so You can spend it in on my trips to EXOTIC PLACES. Make sure you get your Passport and LET'S GO!!!

Transcript of this Video:

If you’ve heard anything about me and passport Kings, you know I used to be a powerseller on eBay. I brought my first Brand New SUV on eBay 8 Years ago. When I first began selling items on eBay, I discovered that it was a quick and easy way to make money online. It wasn’t complicated; and buying for cheap and selling them for a higher price was a basic idea that made sense to me. So I started to buy and sell clothes; and it worked!

But as I looked at others on eBay, I noticed that ‘Powersellers’ were not only selling more items than me; they were selling them for higher prices too. So I went through book after book, trying to discover their secrets. I must have spent close to a thousand dollars trying to learn what made their e-stores more successful than mine - and I almost gave up.
That was, until I saw Online Selling Tactics. It had a 60-day money back guarantee, so I figured I had nothing to lose. So I went through it, and was astounded. It had ideas and methods I’d never heard before. So I tried them myself. And guess what? My business is doing better now than before, and for that, I can thank the pro’s that made Online Selling Tactics. And you Don’t even have to use eBay anymore.

There are only 2 real ways to make money in this world. Provide a service or provide a Product. Other than that, you are doing Voodoo Economics and it's many times close to scamming people. Money can only Transfers. It doesn’t come in and it doesn’t go away. It doesn’t appear and disappear. It just goes from hand to hand. When you go to work at a regular Job, they are paying you to handle a task it’s your service to them. When you take your money from your check and buy dinner, the dinner is the product and maybe (if you’re at a good restaurant) you will get service too. You are happy to pay for it. When that restaurant pays it gas bill and buys more products to cook, they are giving it to someone in return for service. Even when you pay taxes out of your check, the service provided is roads, bridges and other things. In other words, If you are interested in Making Money you are either going to have to be selling a product or supplying a service in return for money. There is really no way around it.

Why am I telling you this? In today’s lesson on how to make money online so you can travel more, I am giving away 1 of my secrets to making money to travel for free, again! This product has been my main cash cow but at the same time it’s so easy to understand. Yes there is an investment involved because you will be paying for a service. The good thing about this service is you will be providing others with products they need. In return others will give you the money you desire. I'm sure you have heard that products are always cheaper to buy from overseas. Apple does it, Jordan does it. Almost every manufacturer gets labor done overseas because they can pay their workers less. I have become one of those Businesses that get products from overseas and sell it for cheaper. I've been doing this for many years online. I’ve set up many websites in my life using the same exact formula for all of them. I only took a short break when I became big in the eBay thing. But as everyone knows, EBay Giviths and eBay will taketh away. Good thing for me, I was already studying how to create websites. But the Good thing for you all is websites are easier than ever to make. In my upcoming video I will teach you how to make a website in under 30 minutes and you will be able to sell whatever you want. I Guess you want to know, what is it you’re going to be selling and how will you get customers? Well that's what short video is about and Here is the answer! 

My Mentors are going to think I'm bugging for doing this, but as I try to tell them the information is already out there. Its just a matter of looking for it. The people interested in making money online will find it eventually, I may as well be the one who tells the royal family the shortcut. I have big things planned and I want my peoples to have enough money to join the great planet we live on, together!

Like I said, this system is called Online Selling Tactics! This was not covered in my free book "Make money online so you can travel more" that you can get still get for free on but as I said in my presentation, I will be following up on that book and really getting the royal family into the game This system is for advance Family whose already read my book and are getting used to collect money the online way.

The OnlineSelling Tactics membership is worth every penny. You get a lot more than you'd expect: Access to a wide ocean of best deals from its fantastic pool of wholesalers and manufacturers, plus exceptional support in the forums, plus immediate answers to your questions from the SaleHoo staff. It has made my life as a beginner trader very easy and comfortable.
With SaleHoo you will be able to sell products from Revlon (ladies love this company) Disney (Kids love this Company) Victoria secret and Dewalt (men love these companies for different reasons but they both have to do with Drills) There are hundreds of other companies t get products from but for the time Ive been with SalesHoo, I've only used these 3. They make since to me... I know where potential customers foe these products are. All I have to do is put it in their face, online. These products sell themselves. Being with SalesHoo, I get each product below retail price and drop shipped for me. (Drop ship means instead of having it come from over seas to me, then I repack it and send it to my customer, They actually send it from over seas directly to your customer.)
Some people will say they don't have any money to invest in something like this but I'm going to blow your mind... You don't have too! They'll show you how to set it up where you never touch the money or the product until your profit is paid out. You will just be collecting money from posting random things on social media. You're going to be on social media anyway. You might as well make money on it. And Decent Money Too. TRAVEL MONEY!

After just my first month using wholesalers recommended by SaleHoo (along with great tips from the SaleHoo forum) I was turning 300-400% profits on every item I sold! I now have a steady business making good money each week, doing nothing more than sitting at my computer and making the occasional trip to the post office.

When I see money being made, I want in. I know this not for everyone but I just wanted to make sure I pass on the information and keep this Passport kings thing as transparent as ever. You need a vacation. 

And All you have to do is 3 steps to get

  1. Join the Program!
  2. Search for a product your social media friends may be interested in
  3. Post that product on social media.

That's it. Don't do it everyday. That's annoying. Just talk about it when someone post something that your product could be referred to. That's what I call easy. There is no big ole stupid complicated cluster-bomb of information you gotta retain. All you will have to do is those 3 steps and you will make A LOT OF money. As I do right now. Every week. All money is made on line. I don't know about y'all but I don't feel like lifting pushing, pulling, listening to arguments, angry customers, or taking orders from people that I know I'm smarter than. I want y'all to start making more money so when I announce Passport Kings Vacation Getaways, more people will join than in the pass because (They just didn't have the money right now)


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