Discover what the airlines won't tell you. And Save $1000s in cash and upgrades on your next trip! | Passport Kings

Discover what the airlines won't tell you. And Save $1000s in cash and upgrades on your next trip!

Learn how to get the airlines to cooperate with you for Upgrades and other perks Get this Book!


Today on Passport Kings, Top travel secrets to get upgrades and everything else you want from the Airlines!  

Everyone who has booked travel through passport kings have realized that we could give them great prices on Hotels and Excursions but with airline prices, we were at the mercy of the airlines. They never pay a commission for selling their tickets so everyone's best bet is to buy your flight tickets from the airline or as part of your whole vacation package

On a recent show called tips and trips to travel cheap, I even explained how going down to the airport and buying yourself a ticket in person could save you even more money with certain airlines.

But today I am letting you in on a secret that I have kept and used for years to keep my airline prices as low as possible. I travel first class whenever I have a long trip. And I can attribute that to an awesome book that I invested in years ago when it cost a lot more and they didn't give as many free gifts as they are offering now. As a matter of fact, I didn't get any of the free gifts. (I need to call somebody about that! But anyway the book is called the Travel top secrets (Discover what the airlines never tell you). The information in it worth is it's weight in gold, but like I said, they are also giving away some super gifts for free when you check it out. 

If You Spend More Than $300 A Year On Air Travel, this guide is Guaranteed that 
You Will Learn How To Save Well Over The Cost Of This eBook For Many Years to come. 

Learn About Loyalty Program Loopholes, How To Earn Tens of Thousands of Miles Even if you don't Fly that much!! Master winning practical strategies to paying much less for your Air Travel.

I cant remember the guys name who wrote it but it is over 70 pages of information I would have never known had I not gotten this book when I did.
  • How to upgrade to first and business class.
  • When a flight is canceled or is overbooked you'll learn step by step what to say and who to say it to in order to get hundreds of dollars and free tickets, over and over again.
  • Consolidators and Air Couriers: how to benefit from their world and fly round-trip to Europe and Asia for close to nothing.
  • How to buy Standby tickets at a ridiculous fraction of the cost of full-fare prices.
  • Strategies for getting the cheapest fares ( out of hundreds of different fares available ).
  • How do I get a stopover for free?
  • How do I get the best seat in the house?
  • Mileage programs and two little known secrets to more miles.
  • How to position yourself in order to get maximum compensation.
  • Volunteering for overbooked flights: how it works and what the ticket agents hide from you.
  • How to maximize the value of the meal voucher to 20$ and even 30$!
  • If you ever get stranded: how to get the best hotel and how to wine and dine at the expense of your air carrier.
  • What do I do if you're denied boarding?
  • How to get compensation for delayed luggage?
  • Writing complaint letters that will maximize your issue. You will get an effective sample letter that wins every time: learn what and what not to say.



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