Friday, January 27, 2017

Let's put uber on hiatus while it's CEO works out his priorities. Join Lyft and get Free rides with my code: PASSPORT88021

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Yall know Passport Kings  was always one of the biggest Proponents of Uber in recent memory, but their CEO is making me question my support. Not only that, but since he seems to now have the ear of the President, I think he needs to address issues that affect his main customer base. The only way to do that is send him a clear message: Jump ship and earn free rides while doing it. He show us he is for us, and we will get back down with him. 

Full story on CNN

While uber goes through its negotiations with the new president, I figure it's time to play them a little distant while they realize who their main customer base is, and our concerns. The great thing about a company not being a Monopoly is it's very easy to send a message to that company without them ignoring it.

So until further notice, I will be recommending Lyft to anyone who asks which cab company to use. Make sure you use my code: To download Lyft to your phone, click this link and use my coupon code:

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