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Remove "No internet Connection" warning status error while in Airplane Mode.

This issue isn't physically hurting anyone but MY GOD is it annoying.

You finally get connected to the plane's spotty wifi on your phone.

You finally find a movie worth watching.

You hit "full screen" and then you sadly realize that those annoying white letters proclaiming that you have "No Internet Connection," plans on being displayed for your entire 2-hour flight and movie.

No Internet Connection Error

What gives?

This didn't happen with last year's version of your cell phone!

Who was the genius that approved this message? Why couldn't it just appear for 1 minute and then go away?

We KNOW there is no internet connection!

We are 40,000 feet in the air, in a flying metal bathroom, with other seats and 2 wings.

Notice: This is not a post to help those that are having a hard time connecting to the internet. This post is for people who ARE connected to the internet via the plane's wifi service. It's to remove the notice, not any actual issues that your wifi may be going through

Listen, I don't know the answer to all of these questions. These are questions that should have been answered in either Google, Chome, Apple, or Samsung's Beta tests.

But what I do know is how to get rid of these pesky words.

Let's finish this once and for all in these easy steps.

How to remove the "No Internet Connection" warning from the top of your screen.

  1. Make sure you have turned on airplane mode
  2. Make sure you have connected to the Airplane's WIFI and the internet is connected
  3. Go to "settings" on your phone. The way I get to settings is by swiping down from the top of the phone and then pressing on the little gear on the top right of the screen.
  4. Go Cloud Settings
  5. Then, Samsung Cloud back up... Then shut the darn thing off.

Which app is causing the no internet connection warning?

Samsung Cloud Services

I'm sure someone with an iPhone is going to rub this one in, and they actually have every right to...this time.

From What I can tell, this is a Samsung Only problem.

Flight over the Mountain

I'm on airplane wifi, Why are you checking my Internet Connection?

The software that is causing this trouble and telling you that it has "No Internet Connection" is doing this because it is trying to keep a fresh copy of your updated data in the cloud.

That service actually does come in handy because once, I erased many important files out of my phone by mistake.

Thankfully, those backed-up files were available and I was able to get those data back when I thought all was lost.

It's a fine function but I'm not sure the creators of this function decided you needed to be CONSTANTLY reminded that the function is not happening.

A few seconds onscreen was all they needed. I'm pretty sure the programmers made and overlooked this mistake.

Popular Phones with CHrome
Samsung Android Apple iPhone Google Pixel
Has this issue Does not Have this Issue No Internet Connection
Uses Chrome to Browse Uses Safari to Browse Uses Chrome to Browse

How to make sure the "No Internet Connection" status is removed forever?

In order to make sure it never comes back, you will have to set these options to "Do not allow permissions" in App info.

This step is only necessary if you turn your phone or other android devices off during your long airplane trip.

When you are not on the plane, I recommend you leave this option on so you can continue to back up your device's pertinent information.

And there you have it.

No, this process is not going to save the world but what it will do is keep a lot of us from pulling our hair out.

I've searched far and wide for the answer to this question, while frustrated, wishing I was watching a movie instead.

I hope this helps someone who is on the same search as I was during months of frequent flights.

Later updates to phones, browsers, and wifi providers may eliminate this irritating feature but as of now, you have this.

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