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Moving to Atlanta Q and A from my YouTube Live

This episode is a replay of the Live that I did on YouTube. 

I was tasked with answering any questions about moving to Atlanta from my audience.

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Do you have a travel story to tell, some valuable information about travel destinations or travel group events you want to promote? I am inviting you to be a guest on the Travel Heads Radio. 

All you have to do is submit your info to and make the subject (I want to be a guest) If we can set up a date that works well for us both, I will interview you and feature you on the show.

Drone shot of Atlanta I-75

If you are a tour operator local to your country, you must speak frequent English. Be aware that I will put a disclaimer at the beginning of the show, letting the listeners know that using your services is at the listener’s own risk... 

And until I personally go on your tour, I cannot vouch for it.

Thanks again for listening and I will speak to you guys next time on TravelheadsRadio.

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