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Do NOT get your real estate license - 6 reasons: Passport Kings Travel V...


Ask most people who have amassed a substantial amount of money which markets they are in. The answer is usually the stock market or real estate. You would think Real Estate takes a lot less financial risks than stocks, but many times that is not true. My mentors who have succeeded in real estate all say they have 1 thing in common, which amazingly is the same things that most business owners, stock brokers and software companies will tell you that you need. Creative Freedom and Investment capital.
A real estate license will take a lot of your money and restrict your abilities to be a savvy investor. In other words, you don't need a license to get started. Here is how my mentor explained it to me.
On a side note, I was told by a broke person that "I had too many irons in the fire" and my richer mentor told me to "ALWAYS diversify and have multiple streams of income." I'm going to listen to the rich guy and leave no stones unturned while in pursuit of financial freedom (mainly so I can travel more and live STRESS-FREE) You decide what you want to get into...and ignore the naysayers UNLESS they have already succeeded at it. If they failed, that means they quit and were not in that industry long enough to pass judgement.
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