Step by Step sign up process to become a Travel Agent: Passport Kings Travel Video | Passport Kings

Step by Step sign up process to become a Travel Agent: Passport Kings Travel Video

I got a question from twitter ask me "How Sway!" But not how to get started but how to do the actual sign up process. That's when I realize I'd never done a video like that before. Sure I told people over the phone, in person and via messenger how to do it, but never a video step by step guide to get you started. Well here that is. If you want an extra ew bucks a month or you want to go full time and really change your life, this is the 10 quick steps to how you get started. Thanks for watching!

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Are you tired of hearing me talk and just want to join now so you can start making money as a Travel Agent and Rep? Great follow these simple steps.
 How to Sign up to PlanNet Marketing and Inteletravel Step by step guide!
1.       First off go to
2.       Click on the link that says “Become a Travel Agent!” right below the video.
3.       That takes you to the PlanNet Marketing site. Make sure this page says Passport Kings on the top, right, Menu Bar, and then click “Join Now” link. (If you don't see it, its in the pull down menu.)
4.       There are 2 things you are signing up for. The total for both is $199. You won't get monthly fees until after 30 days.  You should have all of this back by then.
5.    You are Enrolling as a Marketing Rep for PlanNet Marketing and an ITA for Inteletravel.  You are going to do both. So First, click the link that says "Enroll as a Rep now"
6.       Check the 1st check box for "1001-Rep Initial Fee" for Add to Today’s order for 19.95! (The Add to Auto ship, should automatically select itself) The mobile app for your phone is great to have but it isn’t necessary right now. So click next....
7.       On the Following Page, Fill out your pertinent information. Making sure you fill in the required fields If you don’t have a business account, fill in your Social as your tax number. Make a username and password for your back office, and then click next.
8.       Finish those prompts on the next page and the PlanNet marketing gateway will be set up. Follow the email prompts so you can register your email address. Next is the most exciting part. You need to become a Travel Agent and its really simple!
9.       Go back to Again, click on "Join now" but this time; select ‘Purchase ITA Now” (ITA stands for Independent Travel Agency)
10.       Fill in the form and you are done. After that, contact me immediately and I will walk you through your new back office.

The sky's the limit and the training is endless. Everything you need, to make money in the travel industry is available to you. We will make sure you know how to use it all effectively and efficiently.  Start reading the training manual immediately because right now, you are in business and you need to know everything there is to know about this exciting industry and where you fit in it at! I look forward to seeing and helping you!

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