Passport Kings is willing to pay you for your travel stories | Up to $35 an Article | Passport Kings

Passport Kings is willing to pay you for your travel stories | Up to $35 an Article

Get paid to Write Travel Posts

Do you write interesting posts about travel?

Would you love backlinks from Passport Kings?

Interested in writing or contributing an article to be published on Passport Kings?

Want to publish a guest post on our travel website?

Passport Kings has pretty much been a 1 man show for over 6 years. Roklan (The host that you see in the Passport Kings Videos on YouTube) Writes, films, stars in, and edits everything you see when you enter the Passport Kings Universe.

It's expansion time.

We are now accepting articles and blog posts to add to the Passport Kings Website.

If your article is published on this site, we will "do-follow" link back to your site, social media, or wherever you would like it linked.

If the post is not specific to a personal experience, it may even be made into a video to be featured on Passport Kings Travel.

We accept articles from ex-pats, travel bloggers, digital nomads, recent resort reviewers, or anyone familiar with international cities around the world.

Example of Formatted text

Write in typical Internet Format.

All articles must be submitted in English, with correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and tag markups such as H2s for subtitles. Add charts and Bullet points if you can.

If the corrections cannot be made quickly by myself or my team, I will send them back for a rewrite.

I'm sure you understand that I do not want to pick up a part-time job as an online literature teacher, so please learn, on your own, what it takes to be a great article writer for the internet. I am willing to steer you in the right direction of where to learn on your own.

After I see that you are a capable writer, I will offer you outlines (titles and subtitles) that I need and all you will have to do is a little research and fill in the blank paragraphs. 

Up until March 21st, 2022, everything on this site has been written by me, so feel free to copy my writing style for your submissions

Get Paid to write about travel

It's a great way to gain exposure for your sites.

If I find that the article you wrote needs to be turned into a video, I will send over the terms of how much we'll pay you for exclusive rights to your writing. (Usually $25 to $35) for around 1000 words. (Which is much better than you'll get on

Send me an email with your article at the link below. 

Yes, this is available to you. Please only contact us AFTER you have written the article/s. What and where the posts are about is up to you, as long as they are in the Travel niche. The articles I really look forward to are about The Caribbean, Africa, South America, and Metro - Atlanta but all travel-related articles are acceptable.

I will never publish any of your work without your permission. I just need to read it first before I can make the decision about if it's acceptable or not.

Once I get a good group of capable writers, I will most likely stop accepting submissions and keep getting articles from my team for as long as they stay with me. So if you are interested, ACT FAST.

Submit your posts like a King...

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