Thursday, February 22, 2018

Try AirBNB and get $40 it may be better than a Hotel Stay

Here is my review on an AirBNB stay.

"Wasn't this called crashing at someone's house?"

Not really and here are 5 reasons why:

Come and go as you please: 
Never again will you have to hop out of the bed on the day of departure before your hotel demands their keys back and their room emptied. Even better is not having to sit around the airport for hours instead of in your room because your plane is set to leave hours after check out. Most AirBNB owners will tell you, oh just leave whenever you want on check out day. Remember to use my link when you sign up

Size Matters:
When you spend the prices that a lot of hotels are charging and compare it to what you could have gotten on AirBNB, you will be astonished of all of the room you would have enjoyed. Upstairs, different room, some Stays are in houses that you will wonder how they are making profit when giving out this much space for a week for such a low price.

What else do you get?:
You may not have a restaurant downstairs to order food but what you do get will probably make your stay more enjoyable than some hotel cook's recipes. A lot of times Wi-Fi is included, Super window views and a local supermarket down the street does just fine. Cook in the Kitchen or just eat out every night and you won't miss the hotel 1 bit. but then add a patio, pool and hot tub, Bar Bq Grill and you will never again want to feel what's it like to have someone outside your door mistaking their room for yours and sticking their key in it over and over. Sometimes even a gym is included and with minimum clean up fees its like staying at an expensive guest house.
Remember to use my link when you sign up

Someone to talk to: 
There is nothing like having a local to the area you are staying in, tell you where the hot spots are in that area. Some people moved to these spots for specific reasons and now they will be able to tell you all about it. If you run into the host of your AirBNB they are usually pleasant but ALWAYS seem to have a plethora of information. Certainly, your experience will be much more social if you’re actually staying in your host’s home with them, rather than in a detached guest house, but either way it’s a fun way to meet people and learn about local culture.

Airbnb might be better than a local hotel:
Sometimes hotels are far away from either the airport or the midst of the action but the nearest hotels were a few miles away and quite pricey. When we turned to Airbnb, we found a rental located just three blocks — walking distance! — Because Airbnb properties can be anywhere, you’re not limited to stuffy offices and busy avenues.

AirBNB isn't perfect. Ive even heard about some owners being racist and not renting to people of a certain skin color. But for the most part, what you will get is half Business people/Half Hippies who are usually delighted that you chose their offering. While our stay was wonderful, there’s a lot more room for properties to be less ideal than advertised, for hosts to cancel your reservation due to their own quirks, Some will have a “no alcohol” policy which is a immediate turn off for me, in their listing or could be lying about how fabulous the place is. Worst of all certain cities are questioning the legality of Airbnb stays in the first place.

But if you’re looking to try something new and adventurous then when worked out could become the only way you will travel from then on, give it a try. According to the reviews, it usually turns out wonderful. Remember to use my link when you sign up

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